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Volunteer Plus is an online web application, built for and trusted by Volunteer Centres across the UK

Trusted by Volunteers Centres across the UK.


Website Integration

Seamlessly integrate Volunteer Plus with your own existing website or opt for a dedicated volunteering website.

Reliable and Secure

Reliable and Secure

All connections to Volunteer Plus are encrypted with SSL, which cannot be access by a third party.

Highly Customisable

Highly Customisable

Specifically developed to be uniquely customised to meet the requirements of each individual Volunteer Centre.



  • Online Registrations
    Enable volunteers to register online and register their interest in opportunities.
  • Track Enquiries
    When viewing a volunteer record, quickly see any recent enquiries and the status.
  • Activity Log
    View a volunteers activity log, to see their recent activity and interactions with you.
  • Matching Opportunities
    Based upon a volunteers Interests and Activities Volunteer Plus suggests suitable opportunities.
  • Email
    Email your volunteers directly through Volunteer Plus, so members of your team can view the interaction too.
  • Export
    Export a CSV file of all your volunteers or individual PDF records of each volunteer.
  • Filter
    Filter your volunteers by tags, age, interests/activities and availability to locate specific volunteers.
  • Search
    Quickly find the volunteer you are looking for with a keyword search.
  • Tags
    Create tags and tag your volunteers for filtering and reporting.


  • Online Registrations
    Enable organisations to register online and collect the vital information.
  • Export
    Export your organisations to a CSV file.
  • Search
    Search your organisations and filter by letter starting with or keyword.
  • Opportunities
    View an organisation record to quickly see any active opportunities.
  • Locations and Partnerships
    Set multiple regions for an organisation.
  • Contacts
    Add unlimited organisation contacts.


  • Search & Filter
    Search your opportunities using a keyword search. Filter your opportunities by status, tags, organisation, interests/activities and availability.
  • Export
    Export a CSV file of all your active opportunities or a PDF of a single opportunity record.
  • Tags
    Create tags and tag your opportunities for filtering or future reporting.
  • Enquiries
    View enquiries for each opportunity with the volunteer, submission date and current status.
  • Locations
    Assign a range of location types to your opportunities including multiple regions and specific addresses.
  • Referrals
    Specify a specific contact to receive volunteer referrals.
  • Quality Control
    Supply a range of quality control information for each opportunity.


  • Follow Up Process
    Define your own custom follow up process by day intervals.
  • Track Status
    Effectively track your enquiries as they are updated.
  • Activity Feed
    A comprehensive history of all activity related to an enquiry.
  • Referrals
    Refer volunteers to the organisation or organisations to the volunteer within Volunteer Plus in seconds.
  • Search
    Search your enquiries by volunteer name or opportunity keyword.
  • Filter
    Filter your enquiries by status, tags or date.

Keep an eye on those numbers

With Volunteer Plus you can quickly generate reports to see how you're performing. Simply specify a date range, any tags you would like to include and your report will be generated. It's really that easy!

A dedicated volunteering website or integrate in your website

Increase your enquiries and volunteer engagement, with a dedicated Volunteering website or seamlessly integrate Volunteer Plus in your existing website with our API.


For your Volunteer Centre

Customise the appearance of Volunteer Plus to match your branding.
It's your Volunteer Centre and your database.


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